Mt-Cheops/Ursus Minor


Finally the sun was out and the mountains were beautiful. One of those days when you want to take pictures of everything, each mountain looking its best.  

I spent a bit of the morning with the family and left around 8:30. It was such a great day that I had to go up Cheops since it allows such a fine view of Rogers Pass. Not to mention that I haven’t been up there this year.  So I toured up to Balu pass and went up towards 8812 for a view and some photos. A great 1400 foot shot brought me back to my skin track and heading towards Cheops.

DSC_2397.jpg  I charged up the ridge and was sitting on the sub summit enjoying the views by 1:00. I called Tracey and told her that I was 25 minutes from the summit. I was a little wrong as it took 45, I tend to forget the endless ridge walk that  finally leads to the summit. Facetted snow and deep boot packing and I finally made it. What a great view of everything. I cannot express how many possible ski lines you can see from this vantage, easily enough for a life time of ski touring.

I  followed my boot pack back along the ridge and then skied a great line down to the valley, decent powder which changed to dust on crust as I got lower. DSC_2442.jpg

I checked my watch and I was 3500 feet shy of my goal so doing the math I realised that if I summitted Ursus Minor it would turn my watch over. So up I went, the up track is all solar but it somehow was decent skinning, again the views made it all worth while.  By 4:00 I was on the summit and getting ready for a new descent. I h Skiing east north east off the summit  I had some fantastic snow, which brought me into a south facing couloir that was okay. Then out the fan and skiing home.


7 hours 10 100 feet 

For Safety and Sanity

Heavy wet rain was pounding the windshield as I drove up to the pass, Chris and I were looking for any excuse not to go out. Lacking any good reason we met Aaron and toured up to Grizzly shoulder and the moraines leading to Little Sifton. Hoping to go on an adventure we realised that the whiteout navigation and wet snow landing on us was enough of a deterrent to make us shred some lines in the trees. Since we could assume that he heavy wet layer was not bonding well to anything we approached the open slopes with caution. The first convex roll we found broke away and tumbled to the valley below. Easily a class 2 avalanche; its debris was over 2 m deep. As we skied down Aaron was able to ski cut another slide that crashed through the trees. Things were not conducive to fun and safe skiing so we headed home.

Since I had 4700 feet done I had hopes that I would head out in the afternoon/evening to add it up to ten thousand but watching the rain drip off the trees I stayed home with my family. My quest was one of powder searching and I felt that there was none to be found. So for sanity’s sake I stayed home.

Mcgill again

Tracey and the kids were coming home today so I spent the morning getting the house clean and ready; then I headed up to the pass. The skiing has been so epic that I had to get back up to the pass and maximize my powder turns.

I parked at the Bostock parking lot and walked up the trail, luckily someone had broken trail for me and I had a great skin track to follow. Up and up. My skin track from two days ago was barely visible, probably 25 cm had fallen since then. The skin track was broken by a splitboarder and was a perfect highway winding up to the top of the ridge. I peeled my skins and charged down the gladed trees. What perfect skiing, deep and fast. Face shots whenever I wanted them or just fast aggressive skiing.

Rob, the splitboarder had broken the connector trail back in and I had no trail breaking to do today. I thought I should pay attention to the overall math for each lap. 1900 feet, 42 minutes of uphill hiking, 3 minutes of fantastic skiing and 5 minutes to de-skin, re-skin and snack. So in percentage I get 6% of downhill, 84% uphill and 10% to re energize. Pretty funny math but its worth it.

I can’t get over how great the skiing was, I wish I had brought my camera because I shared a lap with the two other guys and could have had a few shots to truly show how deep and fast the skiing was. Trust me it was great skiing, full on deep powder skiing.

10 400 feet in 5hrs 20 mins

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