Localism is the answer too most world issues. We have gone to a global economy where everything we eat/use gets transported far too many miles. So an easy way to lower my footprint is to buy and eat as locally as possible. Don’t worry I still want/need coffee. There are lots of food stuffs that can be grown locally, especially in revelstoke since we have access to the Okanagan Valley, which is an incredible growing corridor. As is Revelstoke.

For health reasons, for local economies and many other reasons I started getting local milk, cheeses, butter delivered to my door. Yes it costs more but it tastes better. It tastes better because it is delivered in glass bottles. It tastes better because it is from cows not more than a 100km from my fridge. It tastes better because I know my money is going back into people I know. It tastes better because it is hand delivered by Tim Dolan.

Just another small step in being a better earth dweller.

Week day vegetarian

My resolution is about making the sacrifices that make sense and are not that hard to do. We are all lazy and its easier to not do something than to do something that requires a lot of effort.

My brother introduced me to this idea in 2009 but I was not concerned enough or ready enough to take his challenge. I am now. It is fairly simple, I love meat but if I am not buying local, sustainable meat than I really should not be eating any. The factory farms of the world are destroying it. So I have converted myself to become a week day veg, and I will look forward to the weekends when I will create some really tasty special meals for us. YouTube Preview Image

I have plans to delve deeper into local farms vs factory farms. and maybe even transport costs of quinoa,avocados, beans etc vs local meat eating. there are some different factors in play when you can do the 100 mile diet with meat… but for now with the knowledge I have I have committed to being a week day vegetarian. on tonights menu is Tofu Marbella… marinating as I type.

New Years resolution

This resolution of mine is not a new years resolution, though it is starting now. It is a life resolution. For a long time now I have felt guilting about my self pleasing search for adventures. Sure they fulfill me and challenge me in so many ways, but do they do any good for anyone else? Do they need to do any good for anyone else? Life is a selfish adventure, one that is spent in ones mind with ones opinions, but if our actions affect others then we should recognize their effects and if negative change them..

I have known for awhile that my carbon footprint is really bad… really, really bad.. but the cynic in me has been saying that it is up to the big companies, the governments to implement restrictions and changes. That the little guy cannot do much when there is such a huge level of waste that I cannot change. Yet, if I do nothing then I am part of the problem…

So I would like to be part of a solution, I would like to implement changes to my life that will lower my carbon footprint, I would like to use what voice I have to also get others to change their lives a little. Today I did a carbon footprint calculation, here it is….screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-1-19-08-pm

This is fairly atrocious… actually completely atrocious. I also feel like it is not honest about my meat eating habits. But looking at this pictures a pretty clear image of what I am doing wrong.. Travel…as a pro skier I travel around the world searching descents and new mountains, i fly to france to Prototype equipment, I travel to give public presentations.. travel is a huge factor…ohh yah I also drive my f-350, my snowmobile, and take helicopters to fly around and heli ski. So this is a huge portion of my life that I can change. I added in the car portion of my test included snowmobile and helicopters, as well as I could…

This is also my job, but really my job is story creation and perhaps I can create stories without killing the world?

So my new challenge is to decrease this footprint and change it… there are so many good sites and ideas out in the web-universe that I have endless education to get me on my way..

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