Wacked by winds

Sometimes we get dropped off on top. I will admit that it feels great, its not the same as when you spend five hours hiking up but it still feels great. Especially since it is 8 30 am and we are on a summit. A high pressure came through on Monday afternoon and I knew I would be missing work and skiing today.

It seemed appropriate to get out and go for it since the powder had been amazing.  But immediately out of the heli we realized that  when the high presseure came in, it came in with lots of wind, from all directions. And if the wind had not hit the snow a temperature crust made it hard to ski. So we toured around Macpherson looking for the goods. We found some but mostly we traveled trough unfamiliar terrain, and skied a Couloir I had wanted to for awhile. It was  hard packed and crusty but neverless its fun to ski something that I would think no one else has.

Skied with Chris Rubens today, he took that heli photo and was a pleasure to ski with. I’ll have to admit he was the first person I have toured with that wore treckers. He did amesome and never complained. 5600 feet on a pair of treckers would feel like 10 000 feet on dynafits. his blog

Beautiful day with lots of travel but mostly just great to be out when it is sunny. Fun to stand and dream about new and different lines.

Lots happening

Well summer has flown by; as it does. Winter is in full bloom here in Revelstoke.  Plenty of powder for anyone willing to hike. I have been super busy so I have not restarted my blog. Soon though I will be full time skiing again, but for the moment I am working and getting out two days a week. Weird but responsible.

Lots of news. I have said goodbye to a few sponsors and started something with Dynafit. Their binding has been responsible for so many of my accomplishments and lately their boots and skis have really progressed. I am working closely with Dynafit on their ski line and you should expect interesting things out of our work. Very exciting actually but I cannot talk about it. Yet…

As for everything else it is as it should be. My kids are getting older and we went and skied RMR today. Charley is four and I can see that this year will be great for her. Aiden is almost three and we will have fun but real progression happens at four and five. Still great to have both kids slidding on snow.

And now about the skiing. I have had a varied start, somewhere around 8 days.  Some have been epic deep and others not so much. Earlier in Nov I was in Breckenridge, Colorado and I managed my first 14 thousander, Quandary.  It was fun to stand on top of a 14 er, since you hear so much about them.

Yesterday I left the house a 4am and went for my first solo of the year. It felt great. I was standing on top of Video peak at 8am, with an untracked powderfield below me. I  played with some time lapses and skied two lines off the peak. At the bottom of my second; which was an epic run, I flew off a roller and landed softly in the snow and then carried my speed and flew off the second roll… midway through this air I realized that the landing was uphill. Huge crash, midway through my ski hit me in the head, hard.  Liying in the snow I watched as small blood drops dripped into the snow. Dazed but okay I hiked back up to my camera and skied home. Careening out of Connaught drainage, everyone would stare and wonder what was up with the madman skiing out at 9am and why was his face covered in blood.


One of the coolest video comps of the year is this one being hosted by Canadian Mountain Holidays. One thing that is soo cool about it is that you get to ski with me for a week. And not your typical start from valley bottom experience. But first class all the way. Heli assisted ski touring out of the Adamant Lodge. One week of excellent food and accomodation, heli assisted every day, head to toe Arcteryx gear for the winner and their friend. Damn its easily over a 12 000$ prize. And all you have to do is………

Last winters video lineup

This is the entire line up from the season. It might make it easier to enjoy these skin flicks. .Enjoy

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