For Safety and Sanity

Heavy wet rain was pounding the windshield as I drove up to the pass, Chris and I were looking for any excuse not to go out. Lacking any good reason we met Aaron and toured up to Grizzly shoulder and the moraines leading to Little Sifton. Hoping to go on an adventure we realised that the whiteout navigation and wet snow landing on us was enough of a deterrent to make us shred some lines in the trees. Since we could assume that he heavy wet layer was not bonding well to anything we approached the open slopes with caution. The first convex roll we found broke away and tumbled to the valley below. Easily a class 2 avalanche; its debris was over 2 m deep. As we skied down Aaron was able to ski cut another slide that crashed through the trees. Things were not conducive to fun and safe skiing so we headed home.

Since I had 4700 feet done I had hopes that I would head out in the afternoon/evening to add it up to ten thousand but watching the rain drip off the trees I stayed home with my family. My quest was one of powder searching and I felt that there was none to be found. So for sanity’s sake I stayed home.

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