Caribbean Vacation

My parents gave us a trip to the Caribbean for our wedding, so while it is minus 20 at home we are on a catamaran in Guadaloupe.

 I will have my second movie up soon.


Happy Holidays

Season’s first video

I finally had a bit of time to work on my first video and here it is. A first in the SKIN FLICK series



     Today’s run is one of the premier runs in Roger’s Pass, if only because it is off Mt-Rogers.  Sitting at 10 500 feet it is one of the higher peaks in the park and around the 30th highest in the Selkirks. A beautiful mountain that towers above the highway, 6200 feet above it.

It has been around four years since I have skied off its summit, pre-blog. Before I started taking pictures and filming obsessively.

Today was worth the four year wait, with conditions uncertain and a mix of sun and clouds it seemed like a great option. We, Joey, Conor, Isaac, Mark and myself, toured up quickly to the glaciated bench under the face and enjoyed lunch. The sun began poking out and we were psyched to skin our way to the summit.

Freezing winds and cold temperatures meant we didn’t stay on the summit for long but who could with such a great line awaiting. We all carved in to the face and giggled our way down through the cold fast powder. Down and down until around 6000 feet where the conditions got real bad, real quickly. Frozen crusts and poorly covered rocks brought us to our car.

Awesome day, wicked terrain, and great footage.