Localism is the answer too most world issues. We have gone to a global economy where everything we eat/use gets transported far too many miles. So an easy way to lower my footprint is to buy and eat as locally as possible. Don’t worry I still want/need coffee. There are lots of food stuffs that can be grown locally, especially in revelstoke since we have access to the Okanagan Valley, which is an incredible growing corridor. As is Revelstoke.

For health reasons, for local economies and many other reasons I started getting local milk, cheeses, butter delivered to my door. Yes it costs more but it tastes better. It tastes better because it is delivered in glass bottles. It tastes better because it is from cows not more than a 100km from my fridge. It tastes better because I know my money is going back into people I know. It tastes better because it is hand delivered by Tim Dolan.

Just another small step in being a better earth dweller.