so odd…

wrote an entire post a few weeks ago explaining that my 40000ft on my birthday was a drunken bar brag and that I was no where near ready to attack 40 000 uphill feet in a day. I also realized the selfish stupidity of such a challenge since I would not be able to hang out with anyone who cares about me. Instead I would have been running up and down hill for 20 + hours simply to prove that I was not “over the Hill”… As my birthday approached I became more mature and could see these reasons for not going for it.

But now I am training and trying to remember how to become that animal that crushes vertical for breakfast.

Every challenge comes down to believing the whole time. Doubts will come and as long as your belief is stronger than them you can persevere.

How to believe so strongly in myself and my abilities… Training.. its what allows the belief to grow stronger and stronger till it will no longer crumble under the doubts of the challenge.

So I am training my butt off now, so that I can do 40 grand in March or April. Trying to skin lots of vertical but also do some xc skiing on the days when life keeps me busy. I am not the rubbery little kid I used to be so I need a few more days off than I used to…. I am forty now..