Forty… I am in the final months till I turn forty. Its kind of a big deal. I remember when I was twenty looking at forty year olds and thinking they were old. Now that I am approaching 40, I am trying to think of it as young. I firmly believe that the fitness I bring into my forties is very important to my fifties and onwards.

At Christmas I weighed in at 190 lbs, that’s way more than I have ever even come close to weighing. Since then I have been hammering it at the gym, in the mountains and now more recently on my bike. It has become very important for me to regain top shape. Especially since I am someone who defines himself by endurance activities.

I need to get as fit as I have ever been in my life. I know that age is not a barrier.. but it worries me that I could never regain my former 100%. I turn 40 on Dec 19 and I am dreaming I would ski tour 40 000 ft on my birthday. 40 for forty. It would be a great challenge and focus for me to get as fit as I can. Forty thousand feet of powder skiing in the back country. I have done this once before, years ago, and it was super hard but at the same time super amazing. Now I want to do it on one of the shortest days of the year…

hmmm.. I need to ponder that challenge a little more…. But regardless of the forty for forty, I am very much focused on the #fitforforty. Tuesday I mountain biked the ultimate macpherson, 50 km of single track, wednesday I lifted weights, and yesterday I road biked to the ferry and back, a 90 km crush fest. So I am getting somewhere but how far can I push myself at this age? The following six months will show me.. I can’t wait to turn forty and be the fittest I can be.