Mt-Robson area

A bit of a spontaneous trip into the Rockies. Powder snow had deserted Revelstoke and word on the street was that there was powder in the Rockies. So we headed up to take a look around Mt-Robson, the Rockies highest mountain. This was my first time into the area and I was excited about the possibilities.

We packed our bags and headed up the trailhead on bikes, another first for me. Huge multi day bags made some of the climbs arduous but it was an incredible way to start a trip and finish one. 7+ kms in on a road and the single track through gorgeous alpine terrain. Finally we hiked for a bit and then skinned to berg lake, where sits the Hargreaves hut. A cosy log cabin that stares up at the imposing north face of Mt-Robson. Spectacular.

The next day we toured up towards Mt-Resplendent, super long approach that eventually rambled through glaciers and into deeper snow. From 8000 feet upwards the snow was great, we toured ever higher, through more crevasses till we finally reached the summit

At 11 181 feet it is the highest I have stood on in 2010, mt-Superior in the Wasatch was 11131 ft. Super cool glaciated line off its north side boasted some great deep and stable powder turns.   So nice to ski deep powder in late april.We skied a cool line past Berg glacier and back to the cabin. The sky really cleared for us and all we could see was Mt-Robson, shinning above us. Taunting, teasing we were psyched to check it out on Monday.

A direct up  Berg glacier brought us through hours of heavily crevassed glaciated terrain, roped up, climbing across thin snowbridges, super fun touring. The North face looming above all morning. Clear at first and then slowly getting more cloudy we reached the true base of the North face. 2 thousand feet of 50 degree terrain lay ahead, a 15 foot overhung burgshrund blocked our way. Weather not great, we took the easy out and headed down.

Great skiing back to the cabin and then a small dinner, and we packed our bags and headed out. 3 hours from the cabin to the car, pretty amazing. Fast ski back to the end of the snow, a small walk to our bikes and then a fun bike ride down. Still tiring though since we woke up at 4.20am and had been moving ever since.

Back at the car by 6:30 pm I pushed us to drive as close to Revelstoke as we could since my family was flying off to England for 3 weeks and I wanted to see them before they left. by 11:15 pm I had to stop driving,  19 hours of action, 6000 feet of skinning, 8000 feet of skiing, 4km of walking, 7+km of biking 400km of driving. What a day.

500 000 video


I had a look at a wicked couloir off Mt-Davis, when we were on Mt-Begbie two days ago. So yesterday Joey and I went up Mt-Davis to look into the couloir. This chute seems wild from all angles, probable 2000ft of chute plus a 1000 foot fan, it calls out to be skied. At least from a distance, looking down it was wild and very warm by the time we got there, it was not calling our names. The sketchy chute will wait for another day.  Not included in the photo to keep it slightly secret>>!

But Mt-Davis is such an easy hit from revelstoke. Drive 20 minutes west, up a logging road till you hit snow, then sled to the base of the climb. up 4700 feet and voila the summit. Super cool terrain all around, I must come back here and play around next year. I have not been up here for at least 7 years, cool to be back.

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