Somehow I haven’t blogged about the greatest present  Revelstokians have ever gotten.  A little earlier than Christmas but on Dec 22 Revelstoke Mountain Resort opened its doors to the general public. This mountain has long been my stomping grounds, early season, late season and occasionally poached during the winter. The hill has always been a favorite quick hit of mine and now it is easier than ever.

 In the old days I would get up real early; 5 am, be skinning by 6 am at the top around 830 and home by 9.30.  It would take me 2-3 hours to tour to 7600ft. Now I walk up at get on the Gondola, by 9.25 we are skiing off the quad at 7600 feet. It’s Amazing.  

Today we skied off the quad at 9.45 and by 10 10 I was standing on top of  a small chute into the North Bowl. Deep undisturbed powder lay waiting for my untired legs. An incredible 1800 foot run and then a 200 foot skin back into bounds and we are skiing around and back up the quad. By 12 we are once again standing on top of the North bowl only this time from higher up. Door Number One tumbles down below my skis, this chute has a 15 foot mandatory into a 1000 foot chute, it looks enticing.mackers.jpg

 We all shred this beautiful line  and tour back up and around to get another sweet shot and a quick wrap around back to the lifts.

 From there we ski tour around and up to the top of Mt-Mackenzie, to the top of the true summit. Standing on top we peer into the North Face but turn our skis and shred down the south face to get the 5800 foot run to the bottom. Epic day in the slack country.MT-Mackenzie3.jpg

Epic because we shredded around 9-10 000 feet of great skiing with only 2000 feet toured.  Some of that total included some great groomers but most of it was cold deep selkirk snow. Just ridiculous. 

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. Enjoy your friends and family.DSC_4547.JPG

Family time

The holidays always fill our lives with family. My Mom and Step-father have moved to town. They are both recently retired and here to spend some time skiing. So I have had a few days out with them and on one of their down days I went out alone with Tracey. We have been together 4.5 years and somehow never had a one on one ski date. SO we left the kids with the family and went out on a date. Tracey was  pretty excited because she was trying out her new set up. She was on her new Goode 95 and loved their weight on the way up. She had a great time on the up but the bottomless snow on the down was a little tough for her. Still great to spend a day in the mountains with my fiancée.



Today was the only clear day in a week. So Dave and I wanted to get out and ski something.  There has been a lot of new snow so Trail breaking was a little tough but we stuck to our guns and toured up little Sifton and then toured around behind SIfton proper. From there we toured to the summit and skied the line on the photo.  I got some decent footage but no epic skiing since the chute was not very filled in. I love the aesthetic nature of chutes but I much prefer to ski alpine faces. To ski something where I am not confined by walls, but then again staring back up at our line I am psyched we skied it.


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