Hoping for a summit

Sorry to leave you all hanging (or possibly thinking ill of Greg) but he did call on my birthday, yeah! So far the boys are having a great time. The first few days were spent acclimatizing (as they are based at 10,000 feet) and just skiing around near their base camp. They skied off a couple peaks and got in some great turns, nice powder and beautiful weather. The weather today was not as nice but tomorrow seems like it will be better and they are going to attempt to summit Mt. Steele. Greg still sounds super amped (when does he not when it comes to skiing?) and will call again in a few days. 

Base Camp

After an hour flight in, the boys have set up base camp. Exhausted and most of the guys napping, Greg called me to let me know how amazing the view is and how excited they all are to start the day tomorrow. Jealous of my meal of flank steak and roasted potatoes and kale, they were preparing a lovely meal of curried quinoa! I love how we both love our lives but in totally different ways! Next update will likely be in 3 days but if he is smart 2 days as it is my birthday on Thursday!!!! To be continued….

On the road

Hi folks, this is Tracey Hill, Greg’s fantastic wife writing. I have been elected to update Greg’s blog and Twitter account. Greg will be calling me via Sat phone to keep me (us all) updated and also to verify that they are all safe. They have now arrived in Whitehorse after a 30 hour non-stop truck ride. All are sane and looking forward to being flown in tomorrow morning. I will keep you updated on any further progress.

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