Stalled out at 990 000

I had plans to finish my millionth foot before I flew to England for a wedding but I stalled and did not finish it. The day after the Spearhead traverse I drove up to Cypress with thoughts of touring 10 000 feet on the hill, but the pouring rain washed away my drive. I sat in the car and realized that I would prefer to finish my million feet on a nice sunny day. Not a rainy day. I sat and pondered for awhile before I drove away.

I won’t have time to do a hundred 10 000 footers but as in high school I am happy with an 80%. Aim high but be happy with 80%. The season was exceptional and I will never complain about not achieving my 100 days, actually it gives me another year to attempt it. I learned more and realized what is needed to achieve this lofty goal and may try again. As for this year I explored a lot and skied more new lines and am psyched that there is more discovery left out there.

When I get home I will get all the stats off my log book and figure out all the details of my season.

What is the point?

Really  there is absolutely no point to anything. Do whatever makes you feel happy.

For me Whistler has always been a testing grounds. For years I climbed around the area pushing my own limits, till I dislocated my shoulder on “Fits of Rage”(5.12b). At that point I could no longer climb and needed to change directions. I quickly adapted and turned my energies towards mountain exploration and ski touring. My first season at Whistler was where it all began. Skiing and exploring everything around the area, each descent representing where I was at at the time. 

I was a beginner eager to learn, and each descent was so pivotal and important to me at the time. Since I moved away I have always returned and used Whistler to gauge where I was at. For years I won the Whistler Randonnee, which showed me that i was evolving in terms of ski touring. In 2001 I traversed the Spearhead in 4 hrs and one minute, an expression of my need for speed. It was an amazing day, and also a day that spawned dreams of more.

Since then I have dreamnt of the ultimate Spearhead day, 20/20 (20summts/20 000feet) a visionary day that would show the evolution happening in the backcountry. The Spearhead was originally done in 9 days and to do it in a day with as many summits as possible seems very progressive. Troy Jungen and I attempted it a few years ago and got nowhere.

 So for me this day was a huge leap in my own evolution. Helping to prove that more is possible, that all of us have the potential to do more than we do.

The day was amazing, staring off at 4.40 am I cruised up Blackcomb and was at the boundary around, where I met some friends who had gotten a lift up and were doing the Spearhead in a day. It energized me to see these friends and know that they were out there pushing themselves as well.

I won’t go into the blow by blow description as it gets a little boring,  all I can say is skin up, shred down, skin up shred down. Summit after summit.

Throughout the day I had many ups and downs, emotionally and physically but I kept after it and soon enough my momentum kept me going. The excitement of acting out one of my dreams really energized me and some of the great descents kept me going.

At the end I was pumped, finishing off with parts of the Race course from the other day I couldn’t decide if I was faster then or in the race. I think actually I was faster after the Spearhead traverse than during the race. Mostly because I was racing to catch a bus to Vancouver.

At 6.05 I was in Whistler village with a huge day behind me. 

Lee Lau I hope  you understand that everything is about evolution, it does not take away from anything anybody else is doing it merely shows the potential. Each of us has our own boundaries, and our own goals and nothing should detract from them. I am merely helping to progress a sport and pushing my own limits. Challenging myself and searching out new and exciting  ways to do things. I hope that I am helping a sport, things need to evolve and it excites me to be part of this evolution.



No energy to write but today I set a new standard. I toured from whistler Village up Blackcomb and summitted Spearhead peak, Blackcomb peak, then Decker, Trorey, Pattison Tremor, Ripsaw, Mount Macbeth, Whirlwind, Fissile and Flute. So the spearhead traverse from the ground up with 11 summits and a total of 20 600 feet of skiing and a approximate total of 47km all in 13 hrs 32 minutes. more to come…. 

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