Thank you

Although I have a few more blogs left for this season ie my last day and then stats on the season. I won’t be blogging in the summer since work is not that exciting. I could blog daily on how many trees i have planted and what canadian animals I encountered but I know that there is nothing really worth blogging. Occasional outtings with friends kayaking or climbing but I really bank my time so I can get after it in the winter.

I just wanted to say thank you for the support over the winter. The occasional comments and reader numbers kept me excited about blogging. I really got into it and enjoyed taking pictures of my friends out in the backcountry and trying to capture what ski touring is all about.  People said how inspiring my blog was and I can say that it is also very inspiring to inspire others.

I will feel a little lost without my blog but I am sure I will recover and will come back stronger and better next year.

Thank you.