A little tired…

My legs are feeling a little punched today.  Its been ten days of touring, not that they were all huge days, the smallest  being 2000 and the largest 8400. But the smallest day might have been one of the hardest. There was 60 cm of fresh light snow but it blanketed a bunch of logs, rhododendrons and all sorts of rocks. So touring was super hard and we ended up getting nowhere and skiing nothing great.

But winter is finally arriving and looking around things look great.

We are still limited in where we can go but where we are going is usually pretty amazing up high with a variety of not great skiing down low. The Globe and Mail is interested in doing a story so one of their writers David Ebner came and enjoyed a day in the mountains with me. It was great that Dave could come out with me and actually experience some of my quest, it will give him a more personal view of what I am doing. He was able to enjoy some deep powder turns, and also he came over at night for a glass of wine and met Tracey and the kids.

As for snow conditions, they have changed drastically over the last week. Epic last weekend, freezing/very windy during the week, 40 cms of new snow lying on top of that windslab now, which is proving to be pretty amazing skiing. So the psych is back but the legs are tires today, no big skis and big runs today. Just the tlt5’s and the manaslus for some fast and easy vertical.

p.s. I am not posting my vertical per day this week, because of the contest. But don’t worry it is increasing daily.

Contest and I had discussed a contest of sorts to help drive interest and to help drive me up and down for my last month of this challenge. I had no idea that they were going to make the prizes so great. I just looked at the site and anyone that wins will be pretty psyched. Sorry to fellow Canadians but legal mumbo jumbo makes it hard to run international contests.  Regardless check out the contest and get your american friends to guess.  Today was the first day of the comp and it was  a bit of a doozy but now that I know the comp has started I may pick it up a bit. Realistically I need to start going hard and this will inspire me to work my skins off.

Check it out


Its been a little cold, so cold we turned around yesterday. We gave it an honest effort but after a few hours of -25’C and 30-50 km an hour winds we realized the foolishness of our adventure.

Today it was a similar temperature, but sans wind so bearable. Also we  managed to find some decent turns so it was all worth while. We went out expecting the worst and were rewarded with some decent pillow lines.

As usual there is more snow in the Monashee range so we could really enjoy the tree skiing and actually shred a little without worries of rocks and branches.

One more cold day and then it is supposed to change. Also i  have borrowed a charger for my camera so I can start getting some picture back on my blog. I lost my charger when we can home from Chile and have yet to find it, so my camera died and I have been camera less.

All for now, tired and ready for bed.

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