This isn’t going to be easy

Nor did I think it would be when I dreamed up this challenge. I wanted something that would push me really hard on a daily level. Something that would make me swear and yell at myself to dig deeper and as they say in canada “giver”.

Today I woke up early, at around 5 and felt rested. Calm and confident with the day ahead I was ready. But like all things that confidence waned around 4000 ft in. I had to break trail for 4300ft in 20cm+ powder, which is a blessing and a curse. Because the skiing would be great, but I needed to work for it.

I went to Begbie shoulder today , since the skiing is steep and you can minimize the avalanche hazard quite well there. Mostly steep treed runs with a couple of chutes to shred down.

Once the skin track was in a few buddies skinned up and I had some friends to ski the 112 chute with. The wind had pressed the snow and made it very fast and flowy run. Great turns.

The hazard has been increasing with all the new snow and winds in the alpine. So I need to stay in the trees while it snows. Which will be fun for a bit but I yearn for alpine shredding.

Today I toured 13408 ft or 4087 meters. one more day and then a day off

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