The Vaux Glacier

DSC_2340.JPGWaking up this morning I was a little tired and the weather report was not fantastic. Assuming that visibility wasn’t going to be great I headed up to the pass anyways. Chris, Aaron and I decided to head up to the vaux glacier, a place none of us had ever been. We first went up Glacier Crest and then skied the S-chute off it into the illecilliweat. Possibly the worst ski of the year, frozen bed surface with deep powder on top, the powder was too light to dampen the hard ice feel of the bed surface. Great feature but terrible conditions.

The weather stayed decent and we toured up under Sir Donald and up onto the vaux glacier. The four thousand foot face of Sir Donald loomed above us and sent spindrifts down onto us. But we continued up the Vaux until it benched out.  From here we had a great 2900 foot run.DSC_2344.jpg

 And then a 2200 foot skin up to a col in between Uto bowl and Sir Donald. A short and steep entrance led us into a huge bowl filled with fantastic snow.  A great day with more to say and show but I have to head out to dinner. Day 60 10190 feet.

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