The Sproul’es and 11000 feet

Well I have fallen a bit behind on my goal and its now or never. Time to pick it up and get some ten thousand foot days done or miss out on my goal. Not one to give up I am going to put the peddle down and get going.

Today was a fantastic day. Dave Sproule and Doug Sproul joined me for an 11 000 foot day of exploration.It was actually 22 000 feet of discovery, each ascent was new untracked terrain and each descent was new and untravelled by any of us.

Not far from town we began climbing, assuming that the first three thousand was going to be terrible. It turned out to be better than we imagined and soon enough we were on a new peak, with 6300 feet of climbing below us.

Winds have played havoc with the snow, slabbing up most aspects. The low pressure blew in from the SW and then the high pressure came in from the NW. So most aspects have been blown dry or blown in and aren’t good skiing. We realized that the only aspects that might hold decent snow were East and N-east. So we moved constantly towards the east giving ourselves great turns with beautiful ascents.

The day progressed with a total of four descents and a final peak. Our final run was 6800 feet directly to the highway. We opted on the creek and it somehow worked out for us. Creeks are not usually the ideal was out but sometimes you have to gamble and hope it works out.

The sproules and I toured 11 000 feet and had a fantastic tour and we were all excited to get home and put some new lead onto our maps. DSC_1642.JPG

  1. j January 13, 2007 at 11:38 pm

    what you are doing is both inspirational and unequaled,… the blog is great too, keep it up and good luck…

  2. deiter spitzfingerfuchen January 14, 2007 at 6:08 pm

    Greg when you come to Europe, bring those Sproule boys. I would like to beat the spandex out of them too

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