the sproul’e boys

I was feeling a little sick today  so I enlisted the help of the Sproul’e boys to get me to my 10g mark. Always up for an adventure we left town not knowing where we were going. Safe in the knowledge that we would be in for some great skiing we drove towards the pass. Doug mentioned Hamilton creek, a name which I did not know, although it turns out I had skied there before. Hamilton creek is 10 km form town and is rarely skied, I skied there five years ago and I wonder if anybody else has ventured up there since.

 The reason no one visits this area is the start off point is at 1900 feet and the summit is at 8400 feet, so 6500 feet to gain the summit. We charged up this 6500 feet summiting by noon and enjoying our first turns thereafter. Here is Dave scoping the final pitch.       DSC_1999.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                          We had some great turns down the south face skiing 2200 feet before we could stop.doogy.jpg              

After our first run we toured up through some burnt trees and gained the next lesser bump and skied a 1500 foot run of it. Again great snow, a little wind affected in the alpine but really silky  below tree line.  Then with 1500 foot to go we toured up to the third bump and skied a 3000 foot avalanche path down into Hamilton creek.  We followed this somewhat of a challenge/ kinda okay creek to the highway and hiked back to the car.

             Seems like when the three of us get together we get things down and explore some great areas, today was exploratory for all of us. I had summited the peaks before but i had not enjoyed the descents off them. So new lead for all of us to draw on our maps once we got home. 10 500 foot day. 

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