The split

Today I decided on trying a split day. Meaning up early and a quick 5000 feet and then home for more breakfast around 9.45. A walk into town and lunch with the family and then when afternoon nap time comes around I am off again to finish off the remaining 5000.

The skiing in the fingers was great, still deep and fast  with powder spraying up to my waist. A couple of runs in the morning and then I repeated a similar combo in the afternoon. I skied my F1’s in the afternoon and was 5% faster due to their ease of walking. Pity they don’t ski as well as they walk, I can’t wait to try the new scarpa F3’s. They will be the evolution of ski touring if they can ski. I have had them in my hands and felt that they may be the answer to my questions…

Back by 4.45 with 10 300 feet of skinning below me. And I finally got up the gumption to see what number I was at. i have been avoiding it because I am not where I had hoped to be. But I am over the hump and today was day 51. only 49 to go…. what a long way I have come and I have so much to go. I can’t imagine what I will ski in the next 49 days. 

  1. steve romeo March 4, 2007 at 3:32 pm

    Yes…yes…yes..the F3 looks pretty sweet!!!

  2. spikevictoria March 4, 2007 at 7:45 pm

    Giver poop Greg!
    I dont care what your friends say, yer a pretty inspirring grain of sand in this questionable hour glass we call life. We gots yer back bro!

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