the gear I use

  Well I am super stoked about your comments regarding my first foray into Raw videos. I have been energized all day with your excitement on the potential of these videos.

It’s my goal to make them all slightly different in angles but all with the same goal:  To transport you,the voyeur into the mountains. There will be dorky moments  and there will be awkward moments but there will also be many amazing mountain moments.

 Mike asked me about the skis I am using; so I figured I might as well highlight the gear I use.

VisionLrg-W.gifI will start off with the skis. On a day to day basis I really enjoy a ski in the 95-106 category. I generally am always skiing powder, but not always and a ski of that dimension will ski well regardless of snow; hard ice or deep powder. It’s the ski that  does it all. I generally ski the VISION 96, its twin tips come in hand for side slipping down sketchy shit…


5013793t_v1_m56577569830639404.jpgI ski many different models of SCARPA boots, at present I am skiing the F3’s simply because how easily they walk. It’s the start of a season and I am a bit out of shape so the weight and walk of this boot makes the days easier on my 32 year old body.


SUUNTO watches have been logging my seasons for 8 years, always keeping tabs on vertical goals.  x6hr_gallery_large_3_3e12b.jpg

The X6HR as some amazing features, including printing out your days adventures. 

In terms of bindings there is only one for me…. the DYNAFIT….. tried tested and true………





Skins and Avalanche gear is G3 , a Canadian company  committed to bringing out quality gear for guides. 5014424s_v1_m56577569830639690.jpg


For clothing there is only Arcteryx. Stylish and bomber, an active clothing that withstands mother nature’s worst.  The most key jacket is the Fission SV, burly gore-tex over a warm loft, its the first thing I put on at the top. As for my  bottom I am wearing the Seeker pants, a nicely suspended and stylish pant.  

Fission-SV-Jacket-Black.jpg                   Seeker-Pant-Black.jpg

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