ten by ten

We are off to Whistler so I got up early and squeezed in ten by 10:10 am. Started at 5.30 and went for it up Mt-mackenzie. I was surprised by some great dust on crust, 15-20cm of light flluff on of a hard crust
Yesterday i lapped some spring skiing runs at the fingers (not recommended). Ended up doing 12 000 feet in 7 hrs. Saw some huge grizzly tracks. Kinda eery knowing there is a grizz around while I am skiing. Hopefully I would be faster than him on the uphills but i wonder?

gotta go

  1. grizz man April 27, 2007 at 9:51 am

    Not likely – I one saw a griz sprint up 2000′ of steep scree in minutes; he must have been going 20mph. I have no doubt you’re fast… but I think a Griz would lap (and then eat) you! 😉

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