So Good

Things are  still good, the winds come through and feel like they have wrecked the place, then you  give it a few days and ski the right aspect and BAMM its good.

We have talked about Terminal direct to the Vaux for awhile but never linked it up.  Today we headed up the Pearly rock trail and up the south side of Terminal.  We were trying to stay in cell service in case Jeff got a call from Becky. They are two days passed their due date and ready to have a kid at any point. So the second we wrapped  to the south side of Terminal Jeff put the burners on and ran up to the ridge so as to be back in service.

It was a pretty long tour up to that point, we all seemed to be feeling it, probably  the 8 km and 6000+ feet. Getting down to our line we wrapped a large rock with a 7mm prussic  and tied our two 30 m rando ropes together. We could have skied directly in but the top part was rocky and rotten so we all took the security of the rope. It was also blowing really hard on the ridge and we didn’t want to dilly dally.

This part of the line was steep and decent skiing, with a little unknown bottom. It worked out pretty well  and we were soon on the Vaux glacier.

I have dreamed about skiing past this glacial bulge for years and wondered how it would all work out. It was incredible how well this did work out, the roll in was perfect settled powder. Great confidence inspiring turns to start the second part of the line.


From there the line was smooth and playful gullies led us downward. A tiny wrap around and BAM a new line skied. How many years will I be able to keep skiing new lines, I wonder? It will tap out at some point but for now it still remains endless.

  1. rg January 21, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    Nice work! So envious, but glad you guys got it. Such a nice line with some nice fall line vert. Tried for it awhile ago, but were turned around on the ridge…might have to try again in March when it’s more filled in!

  2. alpha1924 February 9, 2013 at 12:13 am

    Greetings from Greece, your style and courage are incredible! Keep on the great job.

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