pregnant turns

Ryann.jpgI toured out solo this morning to pound off a few laps at the fingers, ideally being called midway through and told that Tracey is in labour. Never happened. I enjoyed two great runs in the fingers and then followed some friends up to the womb. I pulled one more lap in the higher trees, which was cold deep powder that had a way of sneaking its way up my jacket with every turn.

But I joined Ryan and Anne-Marie at the top of the womb. Anne Marie is 7 months pregnant and when they mentioned that they were heading towards the womb I felt compelled to join them. Here they are getting ready to drop in.womb.jpg

Revelstoke has an amazing amount of strong women who get out and do this sorta thing while pregnant, imagine what her kid will get up to in his life!

My fifteenth 10 000 footer came and went with some fabulous skiing. I am loving this goal, each and every day is a challenge with some huge rewards.

p.s I am experiencing some photo issues. hoepfully I will fix these tommorrow.

  1. Andrew McLean December 18, 2006 at 8:04 pm

    Nice job Greg! I accidently skied 10K last Sunday and was thinking of you, especially as I didn’t think I was up for it again the next day. I hope Tracey is doing well!

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