Last night when I was looking for some information on Mt-Odin, I looked up in my search bar on this website and found no information. I climbed and skied Odin about 6 years ago, pre-blogging so I had no posts on this mountain at all. It was time to add one.

Mt-Odin is 2970m, 15 highest in the monashees, highest summit in the southern monashees, 9 in BC for prominence, and it boasts an amazing north facing line that cascades 5500ft from summit to valley bottom.

To access this beauty is a mission, drive 50km south, 15 km up a logging road, sled 10 km, drop snowmobile 1, sled some more and drop sled 2. then begin hiking up valley, amazing peaks all around. A long but great 10 km tour up valley, up 6000ft to the summit, with a little boot pack to finish it off.

We were on the summit by 2.45pm and seemingly would be home relatively on time, around 6 pm.  Standing on top and looking NE we could almost see Avalanche Mt, yesterdays summit, 97 km away as the crow flies.

Right as we were about to drop in CMH heli skiing flew over and watched as I dove into the line. Wind slabbed at first it eventually softened up to great carvable skiing. What a proud line; from 9900 ft down to 4400 ft, amazing. Endless.

What I had forgotten, was that the run was endless but so was the valley escape. 6 km of downhill/uphill creek descent. I took off quickly, full of steam to get the exit done, within an hour I was frustrated and still no end in sight. Finally we reached the sled. Mission far from over. We all grabbed onto the ropes and all five of us towed back to the sled drop. 1 hour left of sled towing, to the van, an hour drive and home by 8.45pm. A 15 hour adventure.


  1. Mike February 22, 2010 at 6:11 am

    Hey Greg
    Odin has been on my radar for years, good to see you hit it….nice peak! Don’t forget about Mt Cooper…you could lap that a few times and have a real nice day(4000m)….get to it via Meadow Mt FSR.

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