North Face of Mt-?

 DSC_2082.jpgDoug has dreamnt about the north face of Mt-?  for awhile so we decided that today was the day. Ian, Doug, Derek and myself toured up from the Giant cedars at about 8 am, we traveled quickly and aggressively up a ridge to gain a short and deep descent into the bowl. Things were feeling great and the snow was perfect so we set up and lapped a great run and a small run in the bowl before heading to the summit and skiing the North side.DSC_2092.jpg

The north side looked fantastic and judging by our turns it was. 5000 feet of continuous fall line to the creek bottom, and powder the whole way down.DSC_2117.jpg


After all that fantastic skiing we had to tour out the valley and find the woolsey creek road that would finally lead us back to the car. All of us toured 10 000 feet today, with it being Derek’s first 10 000 footer ever. 

It was 10 000 feet of new descents for all of us, the ascent was a repeat but all the descending was exploration. 

P.S. I have removed the name of this summit because it seems to be in a Cariboo sensitive area and I cannot encourage more people into this area. 

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