Every year I try to climb and ski Mt-Begbie, the Revelstoke classic. This peak adorns many businesses, our newspaper, it is the famous mountain around town. So naturally it is always great to summit and ski it. Its a 7000 foot run and the moment you step out of your car you can see the summit, straight up 7000 feet.

There is a large slope climb to the upper left col (red line), which is always very intimidating. I have often had sled tracks that go up to the col and allow for some great boot packing; so I hoped that we would also have that today. Well we arrived at the upper benches in time to watch a sledder high mark up to the col. It was great to watch him pin it up the slope and arch his way back down.

I have always imagined that a 500lb machine must really dig into the snow layers and be a large impact on the slope. But when we were boot packing up his track he was only digging in 25 cms, meanwhile we were boot packing up to 50-60 cm deep. Penetrating far deeper into the snow pack. So I wonder which would be more likely to hit the weak spot?

 Well my computer is fucking around and I cannot export my movies again…. this macbook seems to have issues… I am going to borrow my friends computer tonight and get both movies out. There is some great footage on my latest and some more great footage from yesterday.


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