Mcgill Shoulder

The selkirks are so dependable, even when I doubt them they usually pull through. It has been so warm and rainy that I felt that snow quality was going to be suspect. When I read the avalanche report for the day I was teased with a 27 cm of fresh at Fidelity(6500ft). So there was powder out there I just had to get high enough into the mountains to find it.

Instead of driving up to the pass I chose to go up Mcgill shoulder, as mentioned previously this is an area I go to when suspecting avalanche danger. The winds had blown overnight so I was expecting areas of windslab and I knew I could hide from any danger on Mcgill.

I punched a skin trail up to 7000 ft and was super excited after my first run.40 cm of light snow on top of a rain crust. Hero skiing, fast and deep with powder spraying my goggles on almost every turn. I immediately connected to my up track and set up a 1800 foot lap.  Four laps later and 10800 feet of good skiing and I skied home.

 Looks like some sun tomorrow, so hopefully I will get some good photos…


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