Loving the Lofty Lines in Las Lenas

When we left Bariloche, I was excited about what I had found there and ready to see what I would find in Las Lenas. I was impressed with Bariloche, there is a large city with culture and things to do, and nice  mountains all around. Small peaks, but a sea of them to explore,  many adventures could be found in those hills. Lots of interesting and challenging approaches, but undoubtable some cool peaks with 1200-2000 foot lines off of them.

Driving into Las Lenas yesterday I was blown away by the mountains, huge impressive peaks all around.
Not a lot of snow but massive mountains with mindblowing lines off of them. The terrain on/off the hill looked wild and fun for piste skiers and the access to the mountains behind looks great for the backcountry folk.

Jaime suggested I start off on Cerro Yeseras, a lofty 4080m/13385 foot peak sitting just south of Las Lenas. I awoke to clouds and winds and hung around home with the family and enjoyed some pancakes with Maple syrup that my sister Jesse brought down. Tasty.

Fueled and ready I finally left the cabana at 11 and was touring by 11.30am, a windy flat approach brought me to the ascent. Rolling bumps for the first 2000 ft and then the fun began.   With 4500 ft of mountains overhead I began the tour up. Pretty cruisy for the first bit with no concerns and then I began the tour up El Ripio, a chute that curves up and around the mountain. Two feet of deep cold powder under my skis and I kept touring upwards, feeling a little small under all the terrain above I always kept my safety spots in sight. Looking up and around at all times ready to run to my last safe spot.

I kept a nice mellow pace since I was concerned with the elevation. I have not been above 7200 feet in over a month and this behemoth sits at 13000. So I was ready for some elevation issues. Somehow they never came and I was on the summit by 3.45. What a spot! and the fifth highest summit I have ever stood on top of.

It was so nice to look down 4500 ft, and see a wicked line waiting untouched for me. Walking down a hundred feet I found the entrance to Adrenalina, steep and a little shallow at the top. eeking my way down I was excited when I could finally open it up, deep cold turns, awesome… and then all of a sudden the snow was shallow and many rocks underneath, scrapping my skis, not gouging by bases but definitely roughing them up. Eventually I was through the rocks and back to deep powder turns, The chute curved and wound its way down to the valley. So many fun turns.

Undoubtable one of my best solo days, huge mountain, wild terrain and great exploring.

  1. soulskier September 4, 2010 at 12:13 pm

    Great work, welcome to the Big Andes.

    Yeseras means clay, and as you were down climbing to the entrance of Adrenalina, I suspect you found some of the mountainside to be clay-like.

    I love how 4.25 hours in deep powder is considered cruisey for Greg2Mill. Most of us mortals take about 6 hours in easier uphill conditions.

  2. treepilot September 4, 2010 at 6:33 pm

    Very jealous. Looks like an amazing day! Do you have any more plans to relocate after Las Lenas? Ushuaia?

    Hope you’re over the illness. Some feet to make up, but you’ll have the home field advantage soon….

    Snow level of 1600 meters here a few days ago. Chill is in the air.

  3. jvos September 5, 2010 at 3:22 am

    Sick times bro! looking like your having a good one! Ive been checking in more and more as the revy weather deteriorates. it also looks like you’ll have some hard work when you get back… ill be keen. shred on and keep up the good work!

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