Loco Gringos

I know that quite often the chileans must look over at me and wonder what the hell I am up to. Long hair, mustache, crazed look in my eyes and moving quickly uphill. but its reassuring to know that I am not the only loco gringo around; check out Rainer.

This dude has skied everyday for the last seven years, every day! Logging usually on average 30 grand a day, so he has skied 83.5 million feet in those seven years. I know I am being obsessed this year, but I still have made time for other things like family trips, beaches, mountain biking, golf.  I cannot imagine not taking a day off for seven years! Check out this article to read more about his mission. Impressive dedication.

I met him in the morning and we both went on our separate adventures, and then I met him again in the afternoon. You can see he is writing down his numbers.. Which were 30101 ft to my 10400ft.

Well 9 days of over 10g’s in a row. Getting further ahead…