Little Sifton


 Well the pineapple express came through and dumped 50 cm of snow in town on Monday and then rained till Wednesday night. Things didn’t sound great but somehow the rain line was at 6000 feet and it must have snowed 1.5 meters above that rain line. So today we busted up Grizzly shoulder and ventured up to little Sifton, as we neared the summit we toured above the cloud layer and had supreme views of all the summits. Fantastic skiing was had by all and I managed some great touring footage and maybe a small ski section but didn’t really nail anything. Videography is a little different than still but I am figuring out. It’s all learning….

  1. The Old Man December 8, 2007 at 1:35 am

    Ok my boy where is the video above the clouds we are all waiting for ???

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