Kootenay Cold Smoke Powder Festival

 Well  the weekend in Nelson was a busy time, very social and rewarding but very busy. I didn’t have much time to spend with my family but nonetheless they were happy in the jacuzzi suite without me. The entire event went well and I believe it will be a repeated event which will get bigger and bigger every year.

 I helped set up and organize the Roam randonnee rally, which was quite a success. Over 30 people raced up and around whitewater resort, Cary Smith from Jackson Hole won the race. I hosted a couple of clinics, which were more backcountry guiding than anything. A couple of storms made the cold smoke festival a real kootenay powder experience, Everyone was able to enjoy some untracked powder turns.loaf1.JPG

 The biggest challenge for me was my slide show. I have never really done a  slide show and I was curious to see how it would go.  I talked about our Bugaboos to Rogers Pass traverse, a 13 day adventure we went on last April. This was easy as all I did was follow our trip through the mountains talking along the way but really just letting the photos tell the true story. I then moved into this winter and the season of deep powder that it has been. Again an easy story as the photos tell it all.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it and the feedback I received was very encouraging; many could not believe that I had never done a slide show before nor been a photographer for long. My many years on stage as a kid really helped me relax in front of the 250 people.

So all well that ends well.

Frank also finished the movie form the 24 hours of sunlight race. Here is the link take a look. Quirky as usual 24hours 

  1. Craig February 27, 2007 at 7:39 pm

    Good to hear that you guys had a great time in Nelson!! I hope that you all made the most of the Jacuzzi room.
    Glad that the slide show went well…. i’m sure that you made the right decision about the slide effects (eventually) :O)
    We’re both missing you all and all the snow (well i am anyway!) and you’ll be pleased to hear that my blisters are gone….. but I broke my nose playing rugby on Saturday.
    Write soon if you get chance!!!
    Craig, Lise and Evie

  2. Sheffy February 28, 2007 at 5:04 am

    Cool video Greg….HOW TO PUSH THE LIMITS!!!!!!!!!!

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