I lost my wedding ring…

I think I may be getting a little too skinny with all the vertical I am doing. My ring finger is a little smaller than it was when we wed, and today my ring fell off while walking along a pebbled beach. We looked everywhere for it and could not find it. So I drove home, ring less. I frantically searched everywhere, replaying my actions of the day. We looked at photos and I was wearing it while playing games with the kids in the morning and then lost it in between the games and the beach. I scoured the house, the driveway and then I finally went back to the beach, I combed the beach. Practicing looking without really looking. Like you do when you are looking for four leaf clovers, look but do not look and the odd shapes will jump out at you. I walked along my footsteps, tracking my imprints and reenacting my actions.  Where I threw pieces of glass into the forest, i would look along the trajectory. Or not look but look.. soon enough I was 2/3rds along our stroll and there it was lying amongst the pebbles.  Phew…….

Its not the financial loss, more the pyschological and emotional loss. Although I am not a religious person, the ritual and act of us being wed with that ring means a lot to me. A replacement would never feel the same. So glad I was lucky today.

As for skiing; I went up Cerro Catedral, and  actually found a  nice secluded way to hike up. I climbed to the top of Co Catedral Norte and skied a line off the East South east and I was blown away. A great 1500 foot run flew past under my skis, soft and creamy and covered with surface hoar. Which is a first for me to see surface hoar in SA, this stuff is 1cm tall and looks like it should become a bit of a hazard when the new snow falls on it. I will be interested to see if there are any lingering instabilities. So far in SA I have only found storm snow, wind slab instabilities and nothing that has persisted past the first 48 hours. This could, it will depend on how the storm comes in. From what I hear they usually come in real warm and with wind, so the surface hoar breaks down and bonds quickly with the new snow. I guess we will see..