Its been a little cold, so cold we turned around yesterday. We gave it an honest effort but after a few hours of -25’C and 30-50 km an hour winds we realized the foolishness of our adventure.

Today it was a similar temperature, but sans wind so bearable. Also we  managed to find some decent turns so it was all worth while. We went out expecting the worst and were rewarded with some decent pillow lines.

As usual there is more snow in the Monashee range so we could really enjoy the tree skiing and actually shred a little without worries of rocks and branches.

One more cold day and then it is supposed to change. Also i  have borrowed a charger for my camera so I can start getting some picture back on my blog. I lost my charger when we can home from Chile and have yet to find it, so my camera died and I have been camera less.

All for now, tired and ready for bed.

  1. betsyderek November 25, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    Way to go Greg. Now that it’s getting down to the wire can you put up some daily, 3 or4 day totals so we can compute whether you are catching up in spite of little snow ,arctic temperatures etc. Its fun sitting by the fire.

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