Freezing rain

Freezing rain has got to be one of the worst thing mother nature can throw at me. Yesterday, Dave and I battled the rain for 4 hours, getting good skiing but getting super wet and we had absolutely no visibility. But I need to suffer a bit to keep on my game.

So today we headed up Volcan Villarrica, frozen crust for 4000 feet…. the final 1500 feet was decent but below that was difficult touring, super hard to keep from slipping out. Frustrating to say the least. But it was super sunny above the clouds and gorgeous.

Dave headed down and I did a few more laps. It was so nice above the clouds with a few volcanoes sticking out, some I have now climbed and others that are waiting. So the skiing was marginal, but the day was extraordinary. I skied enough laps to climb 11 750 ft and now I am home and we are going to the beach to hang out.

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