Finally a New Chapter

I finally have a new web page and with it a refreshing new start. I understand that in todays age we are not supposed to get writers block. That we should always be updating and informing everyone of our every action. I wish I could do that but there are times when I have to pull away and make sure I am doing it all for the right reasons. During my 2 million feat, I shared, blogged and did the best I could to bring everyone along on the journey. I was hiking ten thousand foot days, filming myself, getting home; blogging and then repeating. It was tiring. When I finally finished my 2 mill and got my shoulder surgery I crashed. Mentally I was done sharing my every moment.

When this season started my web page was still unchanged, as a book that I had finished I did not feel compelled to write in it. The updates were just scrap tagged on after the fact. Not inspiring. Everyone was always asking me what’s next and really wondering where the hell Greg Hill had gone.

As the winter went by people kept dying in the mountains, friends of friends, through facebook it seemed like we were loosing more than ever. It was distressing, then Steve Romeo of died. Which really hit home, I have known Steve for years and to hear that he had died in the mountains was a huge blow.

As more people have passed away this year I am realizing an importance in my blog. That I should attempt to share my little tricks that I use to ski safely, and also be there to share positive stories of adventure in the mountains.

So it begins again,,

  1. Bill April 6, 2012 at 6:22 am

    So Great to have you back. It has been a hard winter, we need you.
    Thanks for so many great blogs/ adventures.
    Really appreciate the tips and the inspiration.

  2. muck April 7, 2012 at 3:07 pm

    I’m with Bill. Tanks for sharing! Cheers!

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