feeling driven

I definitely have drive right now, I keep heading out and hiking 10 000 feet and then coming home. I can’t stop, well I will but I would like to hit 1.3 before this month is over. So I dream of 9 more ten thousand footers in the next 14 days. that’s possible as long as I stay driven. And its snowing now, actually dumping so it should be good skiing. It all depends on whether it clears for me, the clouds can really ruin the skiing since most of the goods are above tree line. Today I skied in Lopez trees and had decent powder turns but the once you hike up to it the laps were 800 feet, so I must have lapped it 9 times to hit 10440ft. That’s a lot of laps but I don’t have many options, so 25 minute laps will be the flavor again tomorrow.

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  1. Nicoda August 19, 2010 at 7:51 pm


    Just my 2 cents… 😉
    Great challenge! Just do it!


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