Exploring Mt-Revelstoke Park


 I remember 5 years ago when I first spotted this line. I looked at it and told myself to remember it so that one day I could come back to it. Its a small line but has a dramatic feel to it. Two days ago I was convinced to ski the chute to the lookers right but I had looked down this run and could not get it out of my mind.

The snow was perfect, steep and deep. My first turns started sloughing and I chose to out run them and then ski out a rib to avoid the moving snow.  A short run but well worth it.

After such a great start to the day I followed Dougs track up and further into Mt-Revelstoke National Park. Out and around Mt-? and we dropped into the north side. From here all I could see was untracked summits that I had never skied before. I chose the most aesthetic ascent combined with a nice summit and a descent in the general direction of home.  The skin up was fantastic, glacial with beautiful benches to wrap up and onto the summit. Quite nice…  A new summit for me and then  a fast descent towards the col. I thought I would meet up with Doug here but he chose another route and was nowhere to be found. So I curled around the peak and hiked up to the top of this chute. After all the skiing and touring I  was finally standing on top of the line of the day. Fantastic turns awaited and I was ready to head home. 10 500 feet of new descent DSC_1578.jpg

  1. Ryan March 3, 2007 at 5:07 am

    Is that Berg Lake? Somedays I can’t look at your blog for the envy it generates, Greg… Good to know where the uptracks are though!

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