Deep powder

Today was a blissful powder day. Deep;not bottomless, but deep turns were had on every run. Jay, Frank and I headed up to Mcgill shoulder where we had three great runs. I managed  to film a few brief moments of each run, just managed because all I really wanted was to shred.  A quick  quality day.

 I am close to finishing my third video, I have a little bit of audio left and then it will be done. I am looking forward to getting it out. Its the summation of four great days, a kind of breakdown of the beauties in the backcountry. Its filled with lots of skinning footage and some decent skiing, actually the best ski footage of myself that I have ever seen. It’s all in the angles.


time to finish it up


  1. jv December 16, 2007 at 6:21 am

    where the fuk is the new video! my whole day revolves around my ritualistic visit to the gh page and nothing!

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