Day 74

Two years ago when I toured 1 000 000 feet I ended up skiing 37 ten thousand footers, so today I doubled my previous best. That’s pretty exciting, all this hard work and great skiing and now I have toured 74 ten thousand footers.

After a late day, like yesterday,I always like to show my gratitude to Tracey by letting her sleep in and getting some kid time for myself. Charley and I went out to the coffee shop and let Tracey sleep in till 9, then Trace and I went for a twenty minute run and some social time. Some more family time and then touring by 1pm.

I cruised up Mt_mackenzie, and set up my laps just like the other day. I put my head down and skinned my butt off. The skiing was not as good as the other day, more crusts with less snow. But I kept at it and in 5 hrs 45 minutes I hiked and skied 11 000 feet.

  1. djb April 17, 2007 at 1:28 pm

    so how close are you to another million foot year????
    You don’t have to answer until you’re there!

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