Athletics not adventure.

I am back in Las Trancas to finish up my last three weeks in SA. I had dreams of going to Ushuaia but financially it made no sense, and I also thought I would continue south hitting the volcanoes that I have missed. But I was offered an opportunity to dog sit and  live for free in the Cabanas Los Andes. Considering my bank account there was no way I would pass this up.

But what it also means is that there is not a lot of exploration left for me around here, I have pretty much climbed and skied what interests me. So for the next three weeks it will be a little on the boring side for me,  but I will make it athletic and try and catch back up and get a few days ahead of par. It would be really nice to head back to NA with 1.6 in the bank and more than two months to go.

But time will tell I guess.The other day my mom mentioned how it seemed like I had it in the bag, maybe those were not her exact words but something along those lines. I laughed because this game won’t be in the bag till I have finished it. An injury could end it so easily. The other day I climbed and skied of Nevado de Chillan and on the way home the snow was very catchy and then fast so it was  a lurching descent. Go,stop, go stop, super annoying. Anyhow I did not realize it at the time but I must have tweaked my knee because today as I took my shoe off I felt pain in my knee, something I had not noticed.

This pain though is a recurring one for me, and usually goes away. Its on my Lateral cruciate ligament, outside of the knee. But imagine if somehow I hurt it enough to end my goal, to be 75% of the way there and then whamoo!  I better be gentle. Massage, tensor bandage and hope.

  1. mark October 5, 2010 at 4:27 am

    sounds like it could be your IT band g
    cross legged streches, massage the outside of yer hip, vitamin I
    send it!!

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