A little first descent!

I am always amazed at how many different lines there are to ski. I have spent days upon days skiing on Macpherson, exploring all aspect of it, always looking for something new. The last day that I skied the womb, I turned and looked up this chute and wondered how I could locate it and ski down it.It seemed impenetrable, surrounded by massive cliffs, yet there must be a way through it.womb.jpgToday Scott Newsome and I toured up the fingers and to the top of the womb, the upper slopes were looking windloaded and scary so we turned our tips down hill and shredded some great trees. Then we toured around and found the secret entrance into the aforementioned chute. Steep snowfields led to sketchy sideslip and we were in.scotttty.jpg
Great turns led us down and into the womb. Absolutely no complaints with snow quality.
I then toured up a couple of thousand more feet and turned my watch over 10 080 feet and headed home.scotty.jpg
I threw in two shots of Scott because I could not decide which one was better. Scott is an amazing snowboarder who has been out on his splitboard for years, and last year he became the first snowboarder to pass the Association of Mountain Guides assistant ski guide exam. He is taking the splitboard to the next level.

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