A life long dream

Right now I am heading into a total unfamiliar culture, one that appears scary from our north American perspective. I am in Pakistan about to climb and ski off a remote mountain. It’s a place I have dreamed of visiting since I was a young kid reading National Geographic magazines. An Islamic culture that differs greatly from our own. I am nervous, for sure, it’s the unknown. But I have a huge trust in humanity.

Ptor Spricenieks, a legendary canadian ski mountaineer, invited me on a trip to Pakistan to climb and ski off a virgin summit. This is not an invite to refuse, Ptor’s magical personality is one that invites adventure and exploration. He is working with Salomon to create a movie on his perspective and progression in the mountains. I am along to shred with him while he gets filmed by Bjarne and Daniel. It should be a great team, 2 eccentric canadians, being filmed and captured by two wild Swedes.

So here we are about to take off, all I have is a photo of the mountain. No other information, as the mystery is part of the trip. Ptor was here 8 years ago and made it part way up the peak and vowed to come back and savour the steep glacial flanks on the north side. So we are here and about to leave Islamabad and venture north into the Himalayas. No internet or anything so I leave you with all I have to go on.
A picture from 8 years ago, a dream waiting.

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