A day off Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Revelstoke Mountain resort opened up yesterday, bringing easy access to high alpine skiing. So I brought the kids up the Gondola and gave them a view of the mountains. How exciting would that be a for a 2 and 3 year old? They have ridden it before but lots has changed in the last 7 months and I bet they enjoyed the ride.

Today we took the lift up to the top and hiked our ways to the sub summit. Slightly cloudy and forbidding we boot packed along the ridge towards Mt-Mackenzie. Looking for Door number One, we peered down a few great lines and arrived at our door. Since this is a lean season there was almost no cornice build up and we were able to ski directly into this great line.

Aaron, Dave and myself dropped in and carved some turns down the 2000 foot run. I, with a pvc head cam unit, skied it first and I may have gotten a cool perspective on the descent.

From this point we toured north and then east around the summit of Mt-Mackenzie and started making our way up the north ridge. None of us had ever been up here and we were loving the exploratory feel of it.Eventually it got a little gnarly looking and we chose option A. A two thousand foot  line that  tumbled to the valley floor. The snow was smooth, neast facing with no wind effect, great turns. From there we toured up into a new basin and watched some friends ski a salt&peppery line off the ridge. Lots of amazing chutes around, I counted over 16 into the small basin we toured up.  I am sure to be back to savour a few of them. A steep boot pack plus a couple of short tours brought us back to the gondola and a speedy download.

It may be a lean season but we still managed some great turns today and some fun exploring.


  1. Wayne Nicholson August 11, 2009 at 12:47 am

    Revelstock is amazing, I’ll try your run next time I’m out there. You guys should do some reports out in Jay Peak and Mad River Glen Vermont, you’d love it there.

  2. Matt December 8, 2009 at 11:01 pm

    I currently live out here, and have been to the summit and skied a run named "Brown Shorts" It earns its’ name well. It faces NW and comes back into the newly expanded terrain. Hard to find from the summit, but well worth the experience. We skied it on a similar day, winds were light from the N with about 15 cms overnight, some small wind build up but no serious avy danger. It was a perfect day for it, and my shorts were clean at the end! I’m looking forward to more exploring this year as the snow is already top-notch!

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