After the race day  a few of us met and traveled up the Duffy road to attempt Mt-Joffre.Jeff, Aaron, Chris, Allan,Karen and I skinned up past the three Joffre Lakes and toured up the left hand side of the Glacier. We didn’t know where we were going or what our objectives were but we knew something would work out.

Wrapping around Mt-Joffre we looked up and spotted some boot packers heading towards the summit. "Boot Pack is in" in seconds we were all booting up and within four hours of leaving our car we were on the summit of Mt-Joffre. Which is a new summit for me.

 Everyone was a bit tired from the race so that was it and we headed out. 5150 feet.

Once back in Whistler I had some coffee and then went up Whistler mountain for some more vertical. 6300 feet later and I skied down. 

Spearhead Passage race

DSC_3211.jpgThe main reason I am in Whistler is to participate in the  Spearhead Passage race. A 6800foot 26km high alpine traverse that is the Canadian Ski Mountaineering Championships. Realising that I haven’t raced much this year I thought I should enter this race so that they don’t think I am over the hill.

 The Spanish racing team has come over to show us how its done so I realised immediately that I wasn’t in the running for first. Maybe 3 or fourth. The real challenge was to be the best north american/canadian.

The race ended up going well for me and I placed 4th, with two Spaniards and a Slovakian ahead of me.  The winning time was 2.26 and I finished in 3hrs, quite  a difference! The speed they tour at is impressive!!!!

After the race I lapped a few more runs to manage 10 300 feet of touring. 

Decent skiing in Whistler

I am surprised once again. Toured off of Blackcomb today and had some great turns, I had to cross over a couple of other peoples tracks but still managed some untracked turns. We skied D.O.A. which had great snow in it.D.O.A is a chute that comes off of Blackcomb Peak and is seen while going up Seventh Heaven. Then Aaron and I toured back towards Spearhead peak and the Husume bowl. Once again we had some great turns off the direct start into it.

I am supposed to do 10 grand today but I am feeling a little tired and only managed 5600, I might squeeze in some more later but I doubt it. My yearly total is 944 000 feet and I am hoping to get to a million by Tuesday, 4 days to do 56000 feet. That seems like a lot to do but I managed 50 000 in a day I hope I can manage 56 in four days.

I am sooo very close to a million that I have to go hard till I reach it. The skiing has been so great all year and it seems like I will have powder turns till the end. This million will be more glorious in its finishing days, last time I had to tough it out in late May. This time I will have great turns right down to the last one..

I have a few plans for these last 4 days. Time will tell though.

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