Spearhead Passage race

DSC_3211.jpgThe main reason I am in Whistler is to participate in the  Spearhead Passage race. A 6800foot 26km high alpine traverse that is the Canadian Ski Mountaineering Championships. Realising that I haven’t raced much this year I thought I should enter this race so that they don’t think I am over the hill.

 The Spanish racing team has come over to show us how its done so I realised immediately that I wasn’t in the running for first. Maybe 3 or fourth. The real challenge was to be the best north american/canadian.

The race ended up going well for me and I placed 4th, with two Spaniards and a Slovakian ahead of me.  The winning time was 2.26 and I finished in 3hrs, quite  a difference! The speed they tour at is impressive!!!!

After the race I lapped a few more runs to manage 10 300 feet of touring. 

  1. djb April 24, 2007 at 1:26 pm

    what’s with the hat!!!!

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