0-13200 ft

Wow what a way to get dizzy. Spend 3 days at sea level on a beach, relaxing and playing, then in less than 24 hours head up to over 13000 ft.

We had a great time at Playa Ritoque, an out of the way beach that is still 2 hours from Santiago. It was a nice break from the mountains and a great way to finish the family’s trip. Not that the water was warm but it was beautiful and so contrasting to every other place we have been. One day we went out and visited a biologist who was doing research on sea otters and we went out and looked for them. We managed to spot one, who was eating and playing in the water, and we also saw a  gaggle of blue footed boobies, which was cool..

And then sadly my lovely family left and flew back to Canada.

Jess and I then headed up to Valle Nevado, which consists of three huge ski resorts just outside of Santiago.  But upon arriving here I realized that this was not the season. I had hopes of getting acclimatized and then skiing of Cerro Plomo a 5000m  mountain that sits in the background. But alas when I saw it I knew this was not the season.

This monster was not looking white, predominantly icy, so cross that off the list.  Jess and I skied up and off Valle Nevado and summited a peak called Tres Puntas, and then she headed home. I continued exploring and headed up Cerro La Parva which was a bit of a head rush as it sits above 13000 ft, cool summit but sadly enough there really is no snow around here to fill the lines in.

I am super glad I came up here and checked this zone out but we will not stay, tomorrow we will head off and maybe back to Las Trancas for the bicentennial of Chile.

At the end of my day as I was hiking back to the hostel I witnessed a beautiful sunset. I feel that sunsets/rises are the most beautiful display of nature. Always different, so gorgeous, and so refreshing.

  1. treepilot September 15, 2010 at 11:14 pm

    Ouch. Cerro Plomo looks like it got zero snow this year.

  2. wbollinger September 16, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    Looks like Ushuaia / cerro caster argentina would be a lot easier place to get the vertical.
    Low altitude, consistent weather and snowpack.
    Does not get the dumps, but I think there are a lot of days conducive
    to skinning and skiing.
    I skied there september last year. Great for a reliable place.
    The Marshall glacier is also easy access.

  3. jbest September 16, 2010 at 10:14 pm

    Great blog. Great posts. I’m just curious what skis/boots you’ve been on this trip. I assume your namesake ski? And I think I saw what looked like Dynafit TLT boot in one of the pics? I ask because I’m curious if you find those boots stiff and beefy enough to drive that ski. Thanks.

  4. Greg September 18, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    Well the gear all depends on the day. I was assuming I would ski the Stokes all the time but actually there is not a lot of powder down here in SA so I vary what I use. I am supposed to do a gear video which I will start today. But I am using the TLT5’s and Manaslus a lot down here, when I see that there is some real shredding I use the Carbon 4’s and the Stokes. It all depends on snow and conditions, akin to a golfer with his selection of clubs I think I must also have a bit of choice.

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