Well I have been avoiding my blog because I don’t want to see that my number is going up very slowly right now. I am avoiding writing because that means I have to enter my vertical and 4200, or 5000 feet days do not add up that quickly. So if I wait a few days the jumps are larger but still slowly falling further behind.

This is the slowest start I can remember in Revelstoke. Out of the 11 years I have skied here; only one has had a slow start like this. But that year I did not want to ski two million feet so it was OK. Now I am wanting so much more but having to be content with what we have.

Its not that its bad, up high its great! Deep, cold and fluffy, with occasional rocks to contend with. You can ski with gusto and confidence from 10 000 down to 7000 feet. Then the base disappears and its 60 cm of awesome snow on rocks and trees.  Injury fest.  Its not only the exits but the approaches. The typical zones have alders twenty feet tall.

But the skiing is great above, so I shouldn’t be complaining. And Jack suggested I stop whining and get after it; so I will.

Jerimy also wondered how I count my vertical. This can be debated for ever but the way I look at it, I am trying to climb and ski 2 million feet. The harder part being the climbing, the skiing being the reward.

So whatever human powered form of climbing that gets me to the skiing is counted. Its all effort.

Thanks to Dave Mountain and Robert Hamilton-Smith, both generously donated to my cause, which was very much appreciated as the strangle hold of debt was making it hard to breathe.

  1. treepilot November 20, 2010 at 12:07 am

    Slow starts suck! That’s several thousand feet to gain before the gusto zone. Does fighting alder come with a vertical multiplier? Maybe it should…

    Video peak does look $$ – – time to sleep up high until the snow goes low?

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