6 days left…


Merry Christmas to all, we had a great Christmas yesterday and a fantastic dinner to finish it off. I hope everyone out there took time out of their lives to enjoy family and friends.

It’s hard to believe that I am this close to the end of my mission, and that it seems feasible. Lots of great skiing to be had and  still lots of psych left to hike for my turns.  Last night I had a dream that my watch stopped recording the last 5500 feet and never registered the 2 Mill. I had no time to do another 5 grand so I had to accept that I had made it but never saw the actual 2 million on my watch. Its such a small number on my watch but it means so much to me and I cannot wait to see that little number tick over.

So much in fact that I have to stop writing this blog and get out there…

Skiing late

Wow what a powder filled day. Nice short drive to the trailhead and then 4600 ft to the top of Begbie shoulder.

Coming out of the gates I was super tired, aiming for my fourth 10 thousand footer in a row I was fatigued and not pumped about the amount of skinning ahead. 4600 feet later and I was starting to get into the rhythm. Then we had our first run, it was epic, settled powder, small cliffs, pillows and a continuous pitch of OOHHHHHH YAHHHHHH. At the bottom of this line my energies were up and we headed back up for another.

I have skied this area but not that  frequently so for our second run Conor and I went exploring. Which did not work out in our favor, the top pitches were excellent but then we got dragged into the tight hemlock forest, so tight you couldn’t ski, only side slip or ski sideways. We worked our way down and then headed up with thoughts of lapping our first run. With Cliff shots, bloks and psych we made it back up. Another epic run and we were at the bottom around 4 pm. Light fading we donned our headlamps and skinned another 2 grand.

Nearing the top the winds picked up and we worked into the 112 chute, a 4000 foot gully that crashes to the valley floor. Headlights on we shredded the deepest and best run of the day. 4 grand of perfect powder skiing.

A great 11 thousand foot day.

A big heartfelt thanks to Jeff Colvin for his donation. I think he was worried that I did not have enough money to buy Tracey any Christmas presents! thanks Jeff.

9 days left…..

Time never stops, which is great. Since this mission is almost complete. 69 631 ft to go in 9 days, with Christmas off that makes just over 8700 ft a day for those 8 days. Still a serious challenge but one I should be up to. As long as sickness and injuries remain absent. Last night as I transferred Aiden into his bed he puked all over me and the floor, and he was feverish and completely out of energy. Exactly what I don’t want to happen to me. So far though I feel good, tired and ready for a decent break but good.

Francois, a seriously good friend, spent hours making this movie on my goal. So great to see someone else’s perspective on me and my mission. Its great to realize the support I have, and how I better send this challenge. Enjoy.

Anyways, tired and ready for 8 hours of sleep.

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