Youngs peak

A great day to be solo in Rogers pass. It hasn’t snowed for five days so the skin track we put up Glacier crest was in. I followed it up to the summit of the Crest and skied a great chute down to the lower bench. I was a little worried that the sun would have affected my desired line, but the chute turned towards the west enough that I had knee deep turns the whole way down.glaciercrest.jpg

I then toured a quick 1000 feet up to catch a direct line down towards the mouse trap. On the way down I noticed some people going to the summit of Youngs peak, so I turned my tips upwards and followed their track up to the summit of Young’s. I have never really liked the approach from this side, the final headwall is very intimidating. 40+ degrees for 700 feet. The slope towers above while you are tediously breaking trail upwards. I have summitted Youngs peak 15 times and only twice from this side. But considering the conditions and the fact that the track was in, I followed their trail to the summit. Once there I turned and skied a direct glacial line down into the valley. Some wind affect in the upper pitches but nicer powder lower down.youngs.jpg

Then I hit the skin track that wound its way up to the dome. Following it I couldn’t help but notice how great the snow was on this side of the valley. Protected and north facing this snow was cold and deep. It had settled in the last five days but was still decent. I followed the trail up to the top of the dome, chatted with some friends and then skied a great line home.dome.jpg

Day 21 11 220 feet, green is up track and pink descent

  1. Andrew January 8, 2007 at 11:46 pm

    The aerial shots with overlayed ascent and descent tracks are fantasic. A great resource for future trip planning. I hope you can keep them coming. Thanks.

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