What do I do in the summer…

In my typical style my blog dies in the summer, I never feel  compelled to write since my days are quite normal and quite often not a lot happens. I go to work at 6 am return by 4 pm, spending my days assessing trees. Judging their worth so that forestry companies can profit by cutting them down. It’s not the most glorious work, nor do I like being part of the machine that cuts trees down. My job does entail hugging them as I measure their girth. This is at least one final hug and appreciation before the next guy comes in with his saw.  The old growth cedars are beautiful, the giant spruce towering 160 feet in the air. The forest are pristine beautiful spots and and I enjoy them as I can since I know that it will be many many years till they are like this again.  But its consistent work and I cannot complain..

Two years ago I started mountain biking and I have begun to love it. It’s a fast and furious cardiovascular punish fest. By far the most intense work out I have ever gotten anywhere..  My skills have developed every year but there is still so much to learn.  I can finally bunny hop over things and get small airs, which adds to the excitement of every run. The challenge of the climbs is always there, so many sections that I have never done clean, or maybe occasionally. Some sections that I could never go through are now smooth and easy. To be 36 and  progressing in a sport, developing skills that I have never had…soooo much fun.


Anyways next weekend I am planning on doing the stoked to get spanked race in Revelstoke. It’s a 35 km, 3300 foot single track race at Macpherson. I have no idea how I will do but it will be my first competition since I got my vasectomy 5 years ago…… I am kidding that it is linked to the operation, I just haven’t done a race since I won the 24 hours of sunlight, ski touring 49 000 feet. So this race will be a little different and not quiet my forte.  Should be fun though….  I did a test run of the course this morning thsi is what it looks like… movescount


It’s time to bike into the saturday market..

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